The VALLEYS PROJECT relies upon voluntary contributions of time and money from from motivated people.

Volunteer Contributions

The VALLEYS PROJECT relies upon voluntary contributions of time and money from from motivated people.

In time, we hope these donations might be supplemented by government funding from projects with synergy.

Donations will also be attracted through networking and advertising of various sorts, with emphasis on the use of the internet and social media.


The New Zealand National Parks Conservation Foundation (NPCF) Donation Portal accepts tax deductible donations on our behalf, issues receipts and administers the financial aspects with DOC. 

Donations are primarily used to purchase traps and supplies for the traps. Individuals involved in field trips may separately cover the costs of helicopter transport and groceries by donations to NPCF.  The invoices for equipment, helicopter transport and groceries are paid by DOC and subsequently invoiced to NPCF by DOC.  This ensures that the money donated is applied directly to the designated projects and used as efficiently as possible.  Donors can be certain that 100% of their funds are applied directly to the intended activity.

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Trap line costs

An individual or corporate might wish to take full responsibility for the costs of looking after a valley and organising the trapping activities. Others might wish to contribute financially and be kept informed of the project’s activities, or become part of a small field team which looks after a valley.

The major costs of establishing the trap lines in each valley fall in the initial year.  Currently each trap, complete with a strike counter, costs in the vicinity of $163 + GST freighted to Te Anau.  

A saving of $30 is possible by excluding strike counters with the disadvantage of losing the metric.  Approximate costs of initial set-up and 6 monthly maintenance for a 10km trap line are $40,000 and $6000 respectively.  A break down of those costs can be found here. There are expenses, but at the end of the day there are more important things than money!

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