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These projects aim to adjust the balance in favour of our birdlife by trapping predators in areas currently without any control measures.

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What is the Valleys Project?

The “VALLEYS PROJECT” offers private individuals and corporates the opportunity to undertake significant yet affordable conservation projects in partnership with DOC and the NZ National Parks & Conservation Foundation. These projects aim to adjust the balance in favour of our birdlife by trapping predators in areas currently without any control measures.  They will combine strategically with DOC’s existing work and other VALLEYS Projects to become part of a greater whole.  We seek to involve like-minded individuals who would enjoy the opportunity to visit remote areas regularly, and who are prepared to contribute financially to conservation work.  There is the opportunity to give your time in the backcountry a real purpose, enjoy companionship and the satisfaction that comes from being involved in a worthwhile endeavour.

Our Philosophy

Our central philosophy is to develop amongst groups undertaking predator control a proprietary interest in, and sense of ownership of, geographically distinct areas of manageable size within the Conservation Estate.  The initial focus is on Fiordland valleys but the model could be utilised in other areas of the Conservation Estate. Ideally groups will “Adopt a Valley” from a selection chosen by DOC, provide the necessary finance, set out the traps, and then regularly service the equipment. The VALLEYS Group Committee can help with relationships, logistics and equipment.

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Everyone can get involved

At a Corporate level, the VALLEYS Project offers businesses the opportunity to be better citizens and to enjoy prestige advertising linked to activities which are at the forefront of public interest. Involving staff in conservation work is the ultimate team building strategy and getting them out into country they might otherwise never see is a unique gift – so talk to the boss!

Further more

Trips into the areas concerned are required every 6 months to bait and recharge the traps.  It is a great opportunity for fishermen, hunters, ornithologists, trampers, and others with connection to our wilderness areas to get out there regularly with a purpose and a mission. It is open to all – please register your interest.  Collectively we can make a difference, and the financial contributions – which are made through, and controlled by, the NZ Nature Fund – are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! DOC oversees all aspects of these activities, directs strategy and assists with logistics.

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